…and that’s what my week consisted of.

never have i ever truly ‘crammed’ for a test, simply because school has always come easily to me. 

Well, not anymore. 

tried to study tuesday night for chem, realized i completely didn’t understand it, crammed wednesday night from 3-5, then again from 10-1. i actually went to the after-school study sessions. and the test went ok.

history, i planned to space it out a bit more, but chem just sucked out all the time. so i crammed for history the morning of, from 1-3. that test went….suckish…

needless to say, i was completely dead from this week. i have hideous bags under my eyes and i kept falling asleep in class… i would be looking at the teacher, then i would sort of fall forward and realized i almost fell asleep… hoodies and leggings all the way

crime and punishment was over and done, so we had a party.

math test was today, it went ok. 

That’s not ALL of it, though. i mean, last saturday my uncle stopped by (in between business meetings…he’s an important guy, with places to go. but always makes time for family. i sometimes wish my dad was more like him). He took us out to coffee, and I ordered a pina MOOlada shake from starbucks and i drank the whole thing, yup, all of it and i did not feel guilty. this is what water polo does to you.

speaking of water polo, it’s going a little better. last week was annoying because that girl H still hates me, but she wasn’t there yesterday or today so it was way fun. can you believe it, i was just talking to her and some other girls and she cuts me off and goes ‘just stop talking, everything you say is stupid anyway. keep saying stupid things, because it’s funny to see how dumb you are.’ i am not exaggerating, she actually said that, and i just stood there, ilke, who the heck do you think you are?


i’ve got a sort-of group going on. and i’m starting to get better. we were doing 100 m sprints, and she put me on a frikin’ 1:20 clock…i can’t do that! i died…i know that’s probably not very fast, but it’s fast for me. but i did make every time, so that’s something i’m proud of.


i was in line for the bathroom and i see her walk out and i was in shock and i just ran out from the line and hugged her for like 5 minutes straight. i miss her so much.

she’s definitely changed, she’s put on some weight but that’s good. she was so skinny before. you notice it in her cheeks, they’re more full and she’s not so bluish now. definitely more energetic. and she ate a cookie….she asked someone to formal, can you believe it? it was weird though, because we knew him from XC and they didn’t really talk all that much, but who cares?

now, cheerleader KC. she and i are sort of becoming friends. we are in the library together cuz of mutual friends, and she’s opened up in class. i exchanged numbers, so that’s a good thing.

i was supposed to go to a party tonight, but no one i knew was going so i just skipped. i had practice, and i was worn out from all that cramming, and i would have gotten there at like 10:30 anyway so i just didn’t see the point.

oh yeah, and happy end of the world.

so gooooood week altogether.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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