old friends, and bad days (what?)

so break is here, and it’s rolling.

you have no idea how freaking relieved i was!

all that sleep deprivation and stress was really catching up with me…

on saturday, we went to visit friend SJT! yes, the friend SJT from our china summer camp, the one my brother is best friends with. i am sooooo happy that my brother finally has a best friend, actually i’m just happy that he has A friend…he has some trouble connecting with people and his friends always seem to move away to other states and stuff. well, SJT does live like 2 hours away, but he texts her all the time and they talk every day i and i just know they’ll be close forever. I’m so glad he found someone that will always be there for him, i used to be worried he would get depressed or something. he’s lucky. i know i don’t have a friend that i can trust completely like that yet.

you know, i wish they would be together together, like couple, so then they could get married. i hope they do! but right now, i don’t think it’s looking like it. they’re just bestbestbestbest friends….and she’s so sweet!

we drove there (bro E, the jerk, didn’t want to go because he just wanted to be with his friends. a-hole. i guilted him into it) and when they saw each other they ran and screamed and hugged for 10 minutes. no joke.

we went out to eat, i ate so much i felt sick, but it was nice. then we went to the pier around there, and walked around the shops and saw this little street dance show going on…they pulled me, SJT, and bro K in for the demonstration. it was sort of sketchy, like they looked like druggies, but it was fun.

then we went to the arcade, where we spend like 10 dollars just playing the toy machine, where you use the toggle thing and guide the claw until it drops and you try to get a stuffed animal. well, i wrecked that thaaaaanggggg i got 4 out of 10! which is good for me because i’ve never gotten any before.

then we went and got froyo!

after that we went back to her house and opened presents (she’s so cute…she got me peanuts cuz she knows i love them and this really pretty watch…and for bro K she got him an iPod nano! and more, of course.) my bro got her a pair of turtle doves and wrote this huge long thing about it…it was touching to see him put that much effort into something. i can tell he really cares.

then it was time to go home… it was sad.

yesterday, we had church, and i gotta say i hate EMC’s guts. i don’t know what happened. i don’t know how we went to best friends to this. she ignores me…but then i feel like when we were friends, it was more that we were in a lot of activities together than actual friendship. i guess i just misunderstood.

so annoying that i still see her every sunday. she performed in the little christmas service today. annoying little miss perfect, playing her little instrument and my mom asks me why i don’t do that too.


after, we went christmas shopping, which was a wreck. i won’t go into details, but lets just say the day was wrecked, we were all in a bad mood, my brother got a stupid, pointless gift, EXPENSIVE gift for my dad, and we went home tired and miserable.

right after i went to friend CP’s house and we watched christmas movies and ate cheese sticks and alfredo and cookies and it finally felt like christmas. ❤

today was super productive. i woke up at 7:30, had a quick banana-peppermint-chocolate smoothie, and got down to business. all last week there was a HUGE pile of clothes (we are talking all of my clothes, in the middle of my room) just sitting there and i was too frazzled to clean it up. i finally did. 

it took 2 hours. for a pile of clothes.

then i went and started to clean.  i clean in, like, torrents. i go on cleaning sprees. i cleaned for two hours and got ‘er dun.

then i baked. i have baking sprees too. i made banana oat bars, banana-chocolate fudge, and date-chocolate larabars.

then i ate a late lunch, and played piano. then i searched for a peacoat (cuz my old one, the onei had my eye on for months and read all the reviews for and it FINALLY WENT ON SALE and my annoying mom didn’t let me buy it [‘wait, we’ll go shopping and then buy it later!’ yeah, right.] and when we came home from our miserable shopping trip it was sold out….yes in one day.), but didn’t find one for under 100 bucks, then played more piano. then i got extremely frustrated and stressed out and i hit the piano, and grabbed my iPod and went for a walk/run outside in the dark behind our neighborhood at my special place: the mountain trail.

it was really calming…i ran there in my sweats and pi’s and i listened to my music and just looked out at the view and just felt God. it was nice.

then i went back and my parents were worried, because apparently we were leaving soon and i had just suddenly disappeared and it was dark out…

we went to this rich, modern church and the service was entertaining, but i was so tired i fell asleep and did not hear any of it.

it’s christmas eve, and i’m going to sleep. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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