winter break 2012


on christmas day, we got up, and just was kind of like any other day. i made these amaaaaazing coconut banana pancakes (i bought a ton of coconut stuff) and just ate like all of it. we finally opened presents around 1, and to my surprise i actually got something. i got a new phone (!!!!) from my mom, but it’s a flip phone and only for emergencies. when i opened it i was kind of….bummed. phones are so expensive! but whatever, i think it was necessary…

i also got 100 bucks from my dad, but i’m going to sneak it back to him.

then, i got this hugggge speaker sound system bar for my iPod and mom’s iPad. i really want to return that, too, because i don’t think it’ll even hurt bro E’s feelings, i mean, it’s pretty much half for him anyway haha.

i may seem kind of unexcited, but it’s because i already bought 50 bucks worth of stuff online (got that peacoat!!)

that night, we had an impromptu christmas party with just friend KW’s parents and WP’s family. it was ok…me and friend KW painted my nails hideously, then we watched youtube videos.

on wednesday, i finnnnnaaalllly saw friend MB! she gave me the backstory on her eating disorder, and then she made a Facebook! we had a mini photoshoot for her profile picture.

on thursday, i was going to hang out with a friend, but instead we headed over to mom’s office and pulled wisdom teeth. bro K came first, and it took 2 hours for 3 teeth. he was pretty calm.

then bro E came, and his teeth were so messed up, they were in sideways and on it’s side. IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OUT. we had to break it into little pieces and dig them out. it took 5 hours. for 2 teeth. no joke. we were all practically crying and bro E was just begging us to stop.

we went home and i was so exhausted and just looking forward to sinking into my bed and doing nothing, and i started, but then i  looked at the clock and realized that instead of 5 o clock, it was 6 o clock. the time i’m supposed to leave for water polo. yeah, i screamed, and ran…

it sucked because i had pigged out 2 minutes before, because i thought it was an hour earlier!!! but we got there on time, and turns out it was the alumni game, so we didn’t do much anyway.


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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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