piano and life in general

piano is going ok. last week i got a really good commentary from teacher, tons of improvement. this week, though, it sucked. she hit me hard. i’ve only got a month left until the test, and this is what i’ve been working towards from the very beginning. which is why water polo was a big mistake.

yesterday, i went with my mom’s dance troop to perform piano as a transition, like while they change costumes. they were late, so i ended up playing for 40 minutes straight to keep the organizer from blowing her head off. the audience was bored as hell, because i ran out of songs and played fur elise on a repeat loop for 10 minutes straight at the end….awk. i don’t know how i made it through that.

piano lessons are going good. the little girl D didn’t show last week, but friend KS is doing well. honestly, teaching piano makes decently good money. and it’s fun. i could totally see myself doing this as a backup or for extra cash…

my social life is nonexistent, though, because all free time i have i spend either practicing piano or lying down being exhausted.

i must say, though,  i love that feeling. of being so tired, lying in bed all tucked in, just exploring pinterest (OBSESSED.) and knowing i had a productive day. it’s perfect. i’ve gotten a habit of exploring pinterest as i lie in bed, and fall asleep while scrolling. i find it interesting the next morning when i see what i fell asleep reading, and having absolutely no recollection of anything in the history.



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