pushing through the week

it’s odd. no matter how much i do, whether it be very little or very much, i  am always completely exhausted after.

take this week. it was a three day week. wednesday, thursday, friday. that’s it, but i still barely made it through without collapsing into a mess on the concrete. i piled every single day, i wore almost no makeup, i threw my hair up in a bun. I barely did my homework, i was stressed, i woke up late and slept late. Water polo killed me, and i actually puked during a crazy swim set, but i swallowed it (gross i know). i was just as sad that i never really have fun anymore, and i was just as rude to my family, and i was just as short tempered and stressed.

ugh. life.

it was busy though. water polo is coming to an end (thank god. i think i’m quitting next year. this was such a bad idea) and track is about to start. i’ve been going to the preseason runs, which are from 3-5, then i have to leave for water polo at 6 and i get back around 9:30 and then i shower and eat and work my butt off playing piano, and THEN i start my homework and by the time i fall into bed it’s like 2 AM. weekends are spent practicing piano and getting ahead on schoolwork so i sleep slightly earlier during the week. no friends. i miss everyone. i miss being energized and carefree and making impromptu plans and just relaxing and getting nothing done all day but it’s ok because you are with friends. i miss friend ERC. we Skype, but’s it’s not the same.

a while back i got a letter from her. just an i miss you letter. it was one of the best days i’d had in a long time


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