formal night

yeah. formal. every girl’s dream. the magical night in which they get to be a princess.

so i’m not going. i’ve told everyone that it’s too expensive. which is legit, i mean, it’s $60 for the ticket, another $60 for a date, plus the party bus maybe $40. a dress and heels together probably $100. and all that’s true, that’s definitely a factor in why i’m spending the night in sweats.

but the money argument isn’t really legit. i mean, i’m cheap and good at saving money. the ticket would have been unavoidable, but i would have found a way to skimp on the party bus (i know friends….), and as for the dress, i know i would probably have borrowed someone’s. same for the shoes.

the real truth is, i’m not going because i’m too shy. I’m socially awkward (just a tad, hah, that’s an understatement) and i worried that i would spend the entire night as a third wheel, and awkwardly not dancing, and just not having fun. guys don’t flirt with me. it’s a fact.

and it’s because i can’t bear the embarrassment of going stag, but i’m too scared to ask anyone. i don’t really have any guy friends, or any guys who would remotely want to go with me, i don’t think. oh, if i asked someone, i’m sure they would say yes. but they wouldn’t actually want to go, at best it would be a pity yes, and then the whole night would be awkward anyway because social events aren’t really my forte, and neither is dancing. which is a problem, because it’s a school dance. and after my english teacher told me of a time her date started crying….well, let’s just say my date wouldn’t be the one crying…

so that’s why i’m not going. and i swore to everyone that i would go next year. and i still have yet to go to a school dance. but hey, this is just a day in the life of me. oh, the crazy stories i’ll have to look back on. hah.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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