crush v reflections

So. it’s 9:30 and i’m killing time before bed. I decided to read some of my old posts for the first time. usually i just write them and forget about them, sort of like just ‘get-it-down’. i guess it’s a good way to process what’s going on and whatever.

but i finally read some of my old ones from this time last year. and, must i say, i was pretty obsessed with ‘crush v’. oh…i planned my outfits for him, i recorded every little bit of contact we had, our conversations in detail, our one Facebook conversation…

and it makes me laugh. nowadays, i honestly barely wear clothes or ever do my hair…i do put on makeup, but it’s not much, because i never really have time, but i’m too insecure to go without. but as of now, no obsession. i’m not sure when it faded; i think it may just be i never see him. we pass by each other and wave occasionally, but that’s it. he has a girlfriend now. and i found out that he was hooking up with AF! 

it’s just funny to look back and see how things have changed. and that’s why i have this blog.


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