track tryouts, music revelations

president’s day weekend was just a blur of piano. tuesday came. i felt pretty energized until friday, but hey, i’m on my period. it’s pretty impressive that i felt weirdly good on tuesday and wednesday…

thus day just got bad, though. a slight cough on wednesday turned into bronchitis on thursday, and i now have trouble speaking full sentences without hacking up a cough…it’s horrible. last night, i got practically no sleep because of it. i’m on like 5 chinese herbs, antibiotics, honey, and mucinex all at once…

i tried my new running leggings from tj maxx. both were too big and slipped down when i ran. returning. bought a non-sale pair from sports authority today on the way back from panel, and i love them. they fit! unfortunately, they are also 40 bucks…

i don’t remember much, but i remember this week was good. i don’t know why, really. nothing big. just that people talked to me and asked how my week was, people smiled at me…. it was nice.

oh and tryouts. i made jv hurdles. she cut people this year. top 4 make varsity. i was the 5th time. so close…

NB is my hurdle friend. but she’s getting competitive, i can tell. she was telling me how she wanted to make varsity, and when she didn’t, she was mad. and she always asks what my times are and watches me when i jump, and when i stayed after one time to work on form, she got this weird attitude… it’s weird. 

EMC sucks at the 100 hurdles, and i’m sort of ashamed to say that i’m happy. i know, i’m a hypocrite. but she still made the team, which annoys me because the only reason she made is because the coach likes her. the coach doesn’t like me…i know because she never tells me good job, and she tells me to stop trying. like, what coach does that?

oh yeah, old sprints coach is gone. he’s got a nasty divorce going on…it’s funny, i never would have guessed. you never know what’s going on behind.

oh and one last thing. the night before panel, i though i was going to stop taking piano lessons. so i started this whole new plan of going in a new direction with music (because obviously i’d still play piano, just not formally) and starting a music blog. not quite sure about the details, because it’s just forming, but it’s a nice idea, yeah? i’m not sure if it would be funny or poetic or whatever. and i want to give more lessons. i love teaching piano. but the little girl quit, because her mom didn’t want to send her. it makes me sad thinking about her, because i know she loved piano, but her mom can’t take 20 minutes to drive her over…

but yeah, a music blog, more teaching, and playing more modern songs. like pseudo-classical music. like ‘River Flows In You’ by Yiruma…i like that song.

but i don’t know.


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