Swimming Along

Nothing really eventful. Life has been good the past week. In summary, I feel like I’m a nicer person and a more likable person than last year. Guy MG in 4th is hot. He taught me to tie my shoes with one hand. Really, last year, I would have been so intimidated and terrified toContinue reading “Swimming Along”

Boyz and Parties

So I spelled ‘boys’ with a ‘z’, to emphasize teenage-ness. Yes, there’s a new boy in town. He will be known as PGF/Crush AM, and he is a junior (do I have an older guy problem?). He is in my math class. Thank the stars that my inexperienced teacher finally gave us a seating chart.Continue reading “Boyz and Parties”

Crossing the seas

We sent them off to China. By ‘we’, I mean my mom and I, and by ‘them’, I mean Laolao and Laoye. They were adorable, with their fanny packs and sunglasses, and they were so excited. It is impossible to not feel fuzzy inside when one sees an old couple, all wrinkly and pruney andContinue reading “Crossing the seas”

He Who Matters

Sometimes, in the rush of all the things happening in the world, with AP tests coming up, piano finals in 2 weeks, running workouts to be done, friends to keep track of, reputations to be kept, screaming parents to deal with, brothers that either sulk or never call home, and with all that dinner stillContinue reading “He Who Matters”

Varsity Dreams

“I think I’ll go distance today,” I told the hurdles coach on Friday. “No problem,” she said. Smiling. She doesn’t smile at me often, so this took me by surprise. “Go ahead, you had a good race yesterday. You got a varsity point.” “Wow, thank you! Thank you!” I was containing my excitement horribly. MyContinue reading “Varsity Dreams”

Food Obsessions

I’m having a relaxing day of schoolwork, piano, and the internet, so I thought I’d put up a little tidbit about me. I remember about a year ago writing I would do things like this more often, instead of recounting the events that happened in the past week. This one is about food obsessions. ThisContinue reading “Food Obsessions”

The calm after the storm

When my parents fight, us kids have learned to just go about with our daily lives. Business as usual, with a little background chatter. I mean, if we were so affected that we cried every time they fight, we would literally get nothing done, as their fights often escalate or relight throughout the day. SomeContinue reading “The calm after the storm”

2nd track meet, 1st distance race

So this week was our first home meet (yay!), and also my first distance race EVER (double yay!). I’m totally mature. It went well. I decided to tempo it instead of actually racing, just so I could get the feel of distance. I ran the 800. I’m not going to lie, though, I was prettyContinue reading “2nd track meet, 1st distance race”


AHHHHHHHeijroefw’kpadl[s’bjkzfvscla;fjnxz.b,V>CKNSZX<> I normally hate keyboard smashing. But this deserved a good keyboard smashing.  I. Passed. Panel. I PASSED PANEL! dfsabjklvhdank;cmz ,s:Kcmslakdwaf;hbdkz Zcxk,.kghlu;abfsjçµ≈  It needed another one. Ok. Calming down, I passed the regional panel auditions. Now I go on to final panel auditions, which is statewide and in which you can get to 3 categories, orContinue reading “PANEL”

Distance Track disappointments

So today was my first track workout for distance in about 3 months. It did not go well. There is a new distance coach, Coach M, and I wanted to make a good impression. She put us in groups, so I went with group 2 to see where I was at. The workout out wasContinue reading “Distance Track disappointments”