Driver’s Ed, Piano Continues (after all), and track disappointments


So you know that whole starting anew to a new phase of piano? Yeah, it didn’t happen. I’m not a person who likes to change, and I guess after 9 years of piano lessons I just don’t yet know how to let go. So I’m still going. I think I’m going to play at the last recital, and then end it…I tell myself that it’s so I can end it ‘right’, but really I just don’t know what I want yet. I am playing some big name classics now, but I explicitly requested to learn Chopin’s Ocean Waves Etude. That is, like, my goal for the year…

Yes, I did start driver’s ed! I figured now that I have *way* less going on, I could have time for that sort of thing. I must say, before, I was indifferent, but now I absolutely cannot WAIT to start driving! Plus, it would be so much more convenient…with all my random activities. Driver’s Ed is so boring, though…I’m supposed to be doing it right now…

And track, well, it’s track. The hurdles coach still seems to…well, not hate me, but for some reason doesn’t quite like me. For example, she never tells me good job or gives me tips, even when I do something really well. I have to ask for it myself and then she kind of ignores me…meanwhile I see her yelling out encouragement and talking to the other girls privately. It’s really quite discouraging. Also, I only just realized that while I’m stuck on JV, this other freshman, who I raced against at tryouts so I know her time was a whole second slower than me, is on varsity! I was pretty mad. Like, she’s NOT better, and though I know I seem like a self-absorbed prick right now, it’s pretty annoying that I work my butt off and even when I do make improvements, she chooses younger people over me. I understand that it’s probably because she’s younger and has more time to improve, but still…she has all these years to be on varsity. I don’t. ugh.

Otherwise, though, I had a great week. School was surprisingly UNstressful (I think that had something to do with no more panel), and I got tons of sleep. We are talking snoozing by 11 PM, which has got to be around 7 hours. Pretty impressive.

The weather was going up, and we hit 80 F yesterday! I think that boosted my mood. We had our first track meet. I think, again, people just talked to me and asked how I was and that just made my week. I look forward to 4th now because I’m surrounded by these sort of nerdy guys, which are the best sort. They are just great to talk to, because I have no self-consciousness. In 5th, I’ve got good convos with these popular juniors, but they are actually nice guys. and I’m more talkative in that class now.

Yesterday, the highlight was going running. I had this great track workout planned out (8×400’s, 1:30 pace) but when I got there I realized there were popular lacrosse guys…shirtless. There was no way I was going to run my butt off wearing baggy soccer shorts while they watched my dumpy butt sweat around the track 8 times. I ran hill repeats by the school. 10x150m at 35s pace, like a 40 incline. There was also some school activity going on, because I got a few screams from cars passing by. I always wear soccer shorts and look like a total guy when there are people I know around…it’s a gift.

So that’s how my week was!


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