2nd track meet, 1st distance race

So this week was our first home meet (yay!), and also my first distance race EVER (double yay!). I’m totally mature.

It went well. I decided to tempo it instead of actually racing, just so I could get the feel of distance. I ran the 800.

I’m not going to lie, though, I was pretty nervous. Ok, I was *really* nervous. I was freakin’ freaking out. Ha.

But it went ok, in the end. I ran the first 400 right on the 1:20, and the second on the 1:29, coming in right at the 2:49. Which is a decent time for a first race. I was right behind my friend, and like 5 seconds behind the slowest varsity.

Hurdles. Found out today at practice that I ran an 18.6. It was so annoying! I would have done so much better, but I randomly 3-stepped two of them because spikes make me so much faster that I just three-stepped without trying! The sucky thing is that the second time, I was so shocked that I barely recovered and almost face-smashed, thus slowing my time down.

Even with that though, I still am faster than that freshman the coach F put on varsity. Heck, I could go head to head with A on varsity. But she doesn’t care….even though I was faster during tryouts, faster during practice, and consistently faster in the last 2 meets.

Otherwise, that track meet was tons of fun. I hung out with my distance friends, and stayed far away from EMC, like I promised myself months back. I don’t need her, or her fakeness.

I bought a sweatshirt for $10…the awesome hoodie from 3 years ago that I always wanted, and in my size! I almost squealed or something when I saw it, and begged the lady to save it for me while I ran to get money. I swear I screamed when she handed it over. Still a freshman at heart.

Hung out with PGF MB, too. Love him. We talked for like 30 minutes straight last track meet. He’s slightly dorky, but has an *extremely* popular girlfriends, which is why he’s friends with popular guys. Dorky guys are always the best types of guys because I don’t care what I’m like around them. I can be myself. There’s also PGF EL, who I think might like me. He’s on varsity distance, and insanely fast…dorky, of course, but soooo nice. I think there’s something about me that dorky guys just like. I haven’t thought about guys for the longest time…it’s just been so busy.

School has gone fine. RK in spanish class hates my guts and snubs me every 5 seconds, which is pretty annoying, but unavoidable because my friends in that class love her. And she’s popular. I forgot to mention that. Oh and JR and SB and I are all friends, now, I think! 

Also, I’ve decided that every practice I go hurdles, I’m going to run a set loop that’s 2.8 miles at a faster pace to build speed and endurance, for distance races. I’m so out of shape. On tuesday I hit a 7:38 minute mile pace, but today I hit a 7:10 minute mile pace! I know later improvements won’t be quite that drastic, but it’s a nice boost. 

400m workout tommorrow…I’m going to do it, no matter what hot guys are working out. I’ll wear spandex just in case, though. 😛

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