Food Obsessions

I’m having a relaxing day of schoolwork, piano, and the internet, so I thought I’d put up a little tidbit about me. I remember about a year ago writing I would do things like this more often, instead of recounting the events that happened in the past week.

This one is about food obsessions. This is not a post about eating disorders.

I just thought I’d mention that oftentimes, I go through periods where I am absolutely obsessed with one meal, or one ingredient, or something of the like. I’ve gone through bananas, apples, berry ice cream, coconut granola, rosemary almonds, lentils, cranberries, seaweed, homemade sushi, miso soup, pesto bread, turkey, dried figs.


Really, these obsessions often come on randomly. This morning I woke up with a strong urge for an acai bowl. It’s not a physical craving, but just that I want it, really bad. I’ll put it in everything, make it every day for a week.

I’m convinced it’s because of Pinterest.

Most recently it’s been chocolate oatmeal ‘flooded’ (that’s when you have thick oatmeal and just pour milk on top, no mixing so everything stays separate…honestly, the only way I’ll eat oatmeal. No disgusting mushes here) with coconut milk, over-easy eggs, soft boiled eggs, pizza with a runny egg cracked over it, dried coconut, orange-vanilla cream smoothies, chia seed pudding, parmesan cheese, and, as of today, sweet potato rounds.

I just made three batches. The first just to try it, however upon tasting it I was unable to limit myself and I downed the entire batch. Approximately three potatoes worth.

Feeling guilty because no one else had had any, I made a second batch. I downed a fourth of that. Since a measly two potatoes worth of food isn’t nearly enough for a six-strong home, I made the third.

It’s amazing. With nothing but olive oil and salt, it’s magic. The outside caramelized into a beautiful, almost crispy brown glaze, which broke to give a creamy interior. Perfectly sweet. AMAZING.

Welcome to the new food obsession.


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