Boyz and Parties

So I spelled ‘boys’ with a ‘z’, to emphasize teenage-ness.

Yes, there’s a new boy in town.

He will be known as PGF/Crush AM, and he is a junior (do I have an older guy problem?).

He is in my math class. Thank the stars that my inexperienced teacher finally gave us a seating chart.

He’s really very friendly. I hope we become friends. And that’s it for now. 

As for others….here’s my boy-life. 

SNK EL has a huge crush on me. It’s very obvious, and he’s sweet guy, but I’m not, NOT, feeling it. He’s in 4 of my periods, though, and he sits right next to me. Still a nice guy, and I like talking to him.

As for everything else, I’m starting to be on talking, waving terms with most guys I meet. I’ve found just being friendly…it’s nice. PGF NY liked my profile picture…(other guys did too, but he’s really popular).

Yeah, I’m shallow, but I was nervous about changing my profile picture. What if it got no likes? I switched it at 8 PM on sunday, when I thought there were a lot of people online, and I got 64 likes in one day! Ego boost right here.

In spanish, I lucked out and did a project with RK and JR. It was tons of fun…jumping around wearing a flowery pink blanket pretending to be a hobo tends to be.

And lastly, Friday night was my first semblance of a social life in probably 3 months. I went to a Sweet Sixteen party. I went to my friend SS’s house after practice while she cried over her ex-boyfriend and vented, then went to the party where I didn’t know anyone and half the people were drunk. I got dressed up in a provocative dress (I know, I know…) and barred guys who grinded up on me. I went home early. That’s my social life for you.


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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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