Swimming Along

Nothing really eventful. Life has been good the past week. In summary, I feel like I’m a nicer person and a more likable person than last year.

Guy MG in 4th is hot. He taught me to tie my shoes with one hand. Really, last year, I would have been so intimidated and terrified to talk to someone ‘popular’, but I’ve (mostly) gotten over it. They aren’t much different than anyone else, and if you’re friendly, they’ll be friendly right back. Life lesson.

5th: We had this awful sub who reminded girl AM and I of a rat eating oatmeal….it was so perfect, and she was so terrible that it almost wasn’t mean. Anyway, it broke the ice. I think we are friends. PGF MC (remember him?) talks to me now, and same with PGF FM, DM’s brother. We all say hi in the hallways and it’s all rainbows and butterflies.

Track is not doing so well. My shin splints aren’t quite killing me, but they definitely are inhibiting me from doing well. The warmup is quite painful, and wearing spikes and jumping hurdles definitely aren’t helping. I did PR last meet at 18.58. Not great, I know. She ran me Varsity, but I have a funny feeling that’s going to change. NB ran a 17.75. Even though friend MW (that freshman. we’re friends now) is still a second slower than me, for some reason she’s permanent varsity and I’m…not. Varsity is top 4, and I’m #4. Whatever.

As for NB…she gets on my nerves. She always compares us, even when I am absolutely obviously not into it (would you want to talk for the entire bus ride about how much slower you are?). 

LN and EMC are best friends for track. And we are not friends. End of story.

So I hang out with distance (amazzzzing…the last track meet we made so many inside jokes and stole food and just had a blast) and MW and CM and a bunch of other people. Some druggies, but they’re nice druggies, and they respect that I’m not that kind of person. 

Panel next week.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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