Spring Break <3

I’m loving this. 

I’ve been sitting at home, relaxing, finishing up all the things I never got around to before, and it’s great.

Before, my breaks were filled with desperately finding people to hang out with. I’m embarrassed to say that I was too insecure to spend a spare second alone.

But I love this. I finally did my chores and then some (vacuuming the lamps? Really, mom?), made that awesome kumquat tart from The Kitchn (look it up, people, it’s amazing), went on an exploring, long adventure run,  picked up the pile of clothes forever in the corner of my closet, did homework, walked to the pool with Friend PD and just lay there, played some random songs on the piano, skyped with a fellow loner friend AD, fiddled around on the flute (not pretty right now, obviously!), and procrastinated continuing on driver’s ed.

No school. No piano competition. No obligations.

Love this.


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