Track Update

Track. Oh track.

My shin splints are fine now, but the second I start to slightly do anything resembling a jog, they scream at me to stop and I oblige.

Therefore, I suck at practice. And therefore, I’ve been moved back down to JV.

But at the meet, I hit 18.04, which is a personal best for me. NB hit 17.96, which is like less than .1 of a second! PLUS, freshman friend MW consistently gets like 18.9’s, and somehow she’s still on Varsity and I’m the one who gets kicked down.

300’s , on the other hand, is going slightly better. I PR’d, with zero training and got 2nd in my heat. I beat EMC. Ha. It was so obnoxious, when we finished, I said good job, and she just looked ready to kill someone and she told her friend that she just wasn’t on top of it. Obviously because I beat her. But when I checked our times, it was HER PR. It’s not like she ran badly, she just didn’t beat me. I almost hate her.

Also, PGF ZF is a hot junior who talks to me. Wish me luck?

I walked up with WB. I was really talkative and nice. I can be nice.


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