So I had a meet on Thursday.

Got so close to sub-17 I could taste it last meet, so I was absolutely determined this time. I wanted to prove so bad to Coach F that I was varsity league material. I was #4, after all, and top 4 are varsity!

And ya know what? I killed those JV (like usual), but I PRed with a 17.5! BOOM. That’s puts me on #2, OVER NB with a 17.75 by like .25 seconds! I AM UNTOUCHABLE and I AM GOING TO LEAGUE and I WILL GET THAT VARSITY LETTER, DAMMMIT.

And 300’s? I talked to coach, and she said with training, she thinks I could get to league with that too! ran a 52.6, which would have put me on third (and league bound). Sucks, though, that because it was hand-timed, it goes into the book as 52.74, in #7. DANG.

Whatevs, cuz’ EMC, the little twit, runs like a 57 each time and tells me every time that it’s ‘just not a good week’ for her. Every time. Yeah, right.

I need to calm down.


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