On the other hand, friends…

….I’ve just noticed just how many more friends I’ve made this year, just by being friendly. I know I’ve talked about this before, but it just keeps on popping up.

Running my race, at the start line, the entire distance team was cheering for me, and me only. Winning my race, they cheered again. Walking to the bleachers, they attacked me with hugs. Leaving the meet early, about 20 people said worthwhile good-bye’s to me. Walking up the stairs, ZF gave me a high-five, and we joked and laughed. 

Sitting in the grass studying alone, WB waved to me. Sitting in the classroom during the chem review, WB sat next to me.

At school, our chem table is pretty tight, and I do think that I’ll be sad when we switch seats. During English, my sign holding part in the play got whoops and cheers, and in math, I realized that upperclassman do want to be friends with me.

It’s a nice feeling.


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