Track Drama and Life Lessons

Alrighty. Here’s another episode in ‘Track Drama’.

So here’s what happened. Remember my ‘unbeatable time’? Yeah….they beat it.

It’s because they got to go to an invitational meet that I really should have gone to, and the conditions were really good, and they both PRed.

MW matched my time. Exactly. EXACTLY, down to the hundredths of a second.

So that left the coach a little indecisive about league. According to her, the fact that MW was on varsity all season means that she should go. Even though I was faster.

So then, she comes up with this genius plan. Whoever beats the other at the next meet goes. So that brewed up a crapload of drama. I was filling in my friend on it, when MG overhears, and I have to tell her, too, in a nice way. And I’m pretty sure my ‘I really wish I was going to league’ got twisted into something absolutely bitchy, because MW started barring me. 

It sucks.

But, anyway, I did beat her by quite a lot, like I usually do. And I managed to PR in the 300’s, also, so my new time is 51.7, which isn’t great, but it did put me in top 3 of our school, and therefore I’m going to league with it.

So yeah.

Also, EMC is annoying, as all she does is barely acknowledge me, then shoot me down with everything I say. I got tired of it, so I stared her down and asserted my point really clearly and just kept calm, and everyone noticed that she turned red and dropped it. It’s hard to get away with being mean like that. I used to want to get people to like me, so I would laugh it off when someone was disrespectful or demeaning to me, but now it pisses me off. I’ve learned to stand up for myself and force others to respect me.

It is a little frustrating, though, because you can tell EMC’s been telling JS, KM, and SG about me. They way they look at me…you can tell. Whatever. The only reason I care is because band is going to be hella awkward next year.


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