It’s like the world was lifted off my shoulders, the world opening up into a cacophony of bliss whirling around my upturned, smiling face as the incandescent light shined….just kidding. I don’t feel that much different. I am in a great mood, though.

The day started out dreary and rainy. I took that as an omen (thank you, english class), and headed to my test. The freakin’ proctor took an hour to start, because she absolutely HAD to check each of our forms for each little bubble thing (Did you spell your name right?….Are you sure?).

The test….hmmm…well I’m not allowed to discuss it, but let’s just say that the first section felt easy for me (I finished with half an hour to go), but the 2nd felt horrible. In fact, as I walked up to get my bags, I realized all the things I did wrong. It wasn’t a good feeling.

So, after that, I went to 6th, looking like a pile of poop (hobo hair, leggings, ratty hoodie, sports bra smushing any semblance of boobs, no makeup…). Went to practice, where I realized that there was no way I was going to make league finals (these people are JUNIORS and SENIORS in the 16’s!), then went home. Less stress ❤


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