AP World!

Aaaaaannnddddd now, I give you the reason I have time to write this. AP World is officially over!

I’m really happy with this, also. I mean, last week, I was completely sure I would not pass. I was completely lost. When track finally ended, I was able to roll my sleeves up and bear down on the AP World review book my cousin left for me. 

It was so amazingly helpful. I mean, no offense, but my history teacher is not the best, so I was pretty lost with what was going on. There were just too many terms and random kingdoms that all got muddled in my head. The book finally let me see that hey, history has patterns! And things sort of connect! Amazing. I almost enjoyed it.

I crammed Saturday night. And all day Sunday. I sat down and read the entire AP review book. all 600-some pages of it. Monday, Tuesday, I read it again. And again. And again. Monday night I added in some crash course videos to the mix after each section, and when I finished, I went through the entire crash course world history playlist again, listening to it while brushing teeth, during dinner, and as I fell asleep, exhausted, my brain crying. Tuesday I took my final (and set the curve! BAY-YUM.) Wednesday I gave myself essay topics and planned each outline for 10 minutes each.

Thursday (that’s today) I woke up early, totally calm, went to that test and bossed the multiple choice. Muddled my way through the essay. Murdered my hand and came out of that room victorious, a victor in battle, ink smudges marking my calloused pinky. Hair disheveled, leggings and t-shirt uniform worn in pride, like a flag: I took the AP world test today. Joined the ranks of those sophomores before me, the veterans of the test. We beat the system. Hell yeah.

Now I get to have a life again.


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