So like two posts ago I’m talking about how breezy school is.

And here I am, eating my freakin’ words.

I. Am. Stressed.

I have a math test on Tuesday that I debating over whether to try to study or just accept the F. I have an English project due on Wednesday with a hopeless group that seems to think that the fact that we haven’t done half the assignment is fine, just fine! I have a stupid bottle rocket that I don’t even know how to begin due next Monday. I have a history project that I haven’t even started yet, due next week as well. 

Outside of school, but still school-related, I have the Track and Field banquet on Wednesday, which is bound to take at least 2 hours, but that I must go to because I have to see them hand me varsity letter. I have Band Leadership interviews on Friday, which I am completely freaking out about. I have a club interview as well, to be secretary. 

On Saturday I have the Chem SAT subject test, bright and early at 7:30. After not even thinking about chemistry for an entire month, I failed the practice test with a raw score of 40. 40! How did that even happen?!?!

After the Chem Subject test, I go to my last piano lesson. Ever. In my life. It’s shocking to think about. I don’t even know how that is going to feel.

After that, I rush to the volunteer performance thing for the autistic kids.

After that, I rush to my last piano recital. Ever. Where I play last, as the grand finale. And even though it’s just a recital, I have to make it amazing, first because it’s my last ever and I want to it right, but also because I’ve gained a reputation for being amazing among her students and it would be absolutely humiliating if I screwed up now.

AND I have to take my Driver’s Ed test, and the Health final (yes, that health course that I finished 3 months ago and totally forgot about). AND I can’t even do anything tomorrow because 1) it’s Memorial Day, and I have to go to this church thing, and 2) it’s Memorial Day, so I have to hit the sales and search for my stupid Interlochen uniform that is ridiculously hard to find. I mean, where the heck do you buy light blue socks? Or a bright red crew-neck sweater with no logos or embellishments at a reasonable price….in the summer?! 

AND my grandpa has cancer. You know, that sort of changes things.

Everything is just coming to a close.

But c’mon, life. You are stressing me out here. 


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