So while everyone else is posting about being ‘Licensedddd!!!! ❤ 🙂 ;)’, I’m finally permitted :). 

I could not care less. I am so stoked. I frikin’ almost screamed right there in front of the guy correcting my test.

And then I walked outside and let out this big WHOOOOOO *see vine. skip to 8 seconds. That’s basically me walking past the 4 hour wait line. HAHA

That night, we drove to the school parking lot in the posh mercedes rental we’ve got (oh yeahhhhh) and I BOSSED my first driving lesson. I can U-turn! And accelerate! And brake without giving everyone whiplash! And sort of lane change, but I always get somewhat dizzy from checking all the mirrors…

I’m sure I’ll look back on this and think how naive and small I used to be. I don’t care. I was screaming going 2 miles an hour in that parking lot and I am on a high right now from a 5 mph joy ride. And you can’t take that away from me 😛


~Summer Escapades~

Oh summer. I love that you allow us kids to actually do things we love. You allow us to figure out things, to experiment, to make connections, to find ourselves, to screw up. To take chances. To explore the world, to explore ourselves.

So Friend PD and I went out on a run. An adventure run, we call it. The original plan was to run to the beach, but I caved because I was too tired and out of shape (hey, it’s been 3 months!)


Our adventure run took us down to a creek. It continued along the creek, until we noticed a side path shooting into the hills.

Since we are over-confident idiots, we took that path. After a huge uphill that for some reason didn’t prompt us to turn back, we came across a huge crater. We passed by casually, over the hill, and down the steepest hill ever. After that, there was no way we were heading back. No way to go but forward, we said! It would take waaaaay too long to go back up the half mile up that hill!


We headed over 3 more hills before we started to get a little wary about finding our way back. We noticed a golf course and set off towards it (keep in mind, we were deep in the mountain/canyons, and we were nowhere near anywhere familiar.) Now, this golf course is an exclusive golf course, in an extremely exclusive neighborhood, and in the middle of nowhere. I’d never even seen it, just heard of it. It was like a legend.

And it really was. After hopping some fences, we stumbled out into the most beautiful golf course ever. It looks like a castle. Legitly. There’s like 3 bridges leading across the mountains and canyons towards it, and there’s a gate with those pointy flags like in those medieval movies. It even had turrets. We approached a group of men and asked for directions. 

Ok, right here, imagine how we looked. We pushed our way through some pretty spiky bushes, so there’s random twigs and leaves stuck to us. We’re covered in dirt streaks, drenched in sweat, red-faced, and just a total mess all around. Add that to the fact that we came out of nowhere, from the wilderness surrounding the golf course…well, the man was pretty suspicious looking. 

He pointed towards the clubhouse, which, annoyingly, was on a huge hill. Once there, we turned into a random door, and scared the living daylights out of the bartender, who was alone in an oddly quiet bar. Like, no one there. Once we explained why we were trespassing and how we got there, he gave us water and directions. 

When we left, we were absolutely dying of laughter. The whole situation was just so hilarious and ridiculous. 

The kicker? it was another 7 miles home. We even tried hitchhiking in desperation.

After that, though, we sobered up a bit. I think the heat and exhaustion finally got to us.

When the road finally spit us out onto a road we recognized, we couldn’t stop laughing. We were just so tired, and the situation was so insane. We dragged ourselves homeward. Some kids handed out free lemonade to us and I swear they were angels from god. We trudged up the stupid hill to my house (I swear, when I grow up, I refuse to live on a hill. It sucks for school, it sucks for running, and it’s a pain.). We collapsed on my driveway and lay there until one of us started cackling hysterically until we just sat there, looking ridiculous, flat on the floor, cracking up.

The final tally? 13 miles through the wilderness, 5 ounces of water, and 3 hours.

At least we’ve got a story to tell.


The Trio

So I’ve got a weird way with friends, I guess.

Usually I form little inner groups. Like, we have our big friend group, but we carve up into random combinations and always hang out in those combinations. 

Like Friend MH and MB. We’ve got our little group going on. Which is funny because Friend MH isn’t even really in our friend group, and MB and I don’t have that many mutual friends. But somehow we always end up together.

We meet up like every break. It’s just a given. Like, if there’s a break, we know to call each other.

So we were just hanging out at MH’s, when I decided to redo her room. So we spend an hour or more moving her furniture around and throwing stuff out. Insta-makeover.

Then we ate. For like 2 hours. Then we started some friendship bracelets, gave up, and went to the mall.



Oh god. What am I even doing.

I just hit up a high school party. I knew there would be drinking, and I knew there would be drugs. I went anyway, because I wanted to actually let go and have fun for once.

I danced. I grinded for the first time, and it’s surprisingly not hard or even awkward. It was so casual, it wasn’t even sexual.

There was drinking, there was smoking, and there were drugs. Obviously I did nothing.

And now I have like 4 hot guys numbers, and slightly creepy guy who wants to hook up. As in, and I quote, “how about some you and me time. I’ll make up for not dancing with you at the party”. Like, what? So I friend zoned him. But then, I’m a total hypocrite because I totally love high school parties.

Ego Boost

You know how we’re all going around yelling that we don’t care about what others think?

It’s total crap. Everybody cares. Everybody cares so much that they wake up, look throw on clothes (any clothes), take showers…

I care, no matter how much I try not to, or deny it. Not that I would ever admit it in real life.

I didn’t get a yearbook this year. While everyone signed each others, I stood by. 

But I did get an ego boost when people (including guys!) asked me to sign their yearbook. Like, really asked, and really wanted me to! Like PGF TI, RH, EC, CK, WB, EL, MG, and the most surprising, MC. I wrote like a paragraph for each, too, just because I actually had stuff to say. Makes me realize how much I’ve changed.

I got my own ghetto sheet of paper to call a yearbook, and I had guys asking to sign it! ASKING. Standing around waiting for someone else to finish it. TI even told me he would sign it later because 10 minutes wasn’t enough time! YAYYYYYYYY I have guy friends!

And we had a chem lab today, and we were joking around and having a blast with EL, MG, and CK.

Gotta love that.


That’s a relaxed ‘ahhh’, by the way. The type of ‘ahhh’ you get when you’re lying on a hammock in Tahiti or crap in the middle of summer, sipping kombucha.

How am I feeling?

BYU Health Final? Done.

Section Leader? Done.

Piano? Done.

Volunteer thing? Done.

Chemistry? Done.

Summer? Please come.