Ego Boost

You know how we’re all going around yelling that we don’t care about what others think?

It’s total crap. Everybody cares. Everybody cares so much that they wake up, look throw on clothes (any clothes), take showers…

I care, no matter how much I try not to, or deny it. Not that I would ever admit it in real life.

I didn’t get a yearbook this year. While everyone signed each others, I stood by. 

But I did get an ego boost when people (including guys!) asked me to sign their yearbook. Like, really asked, and really wanted me to! Like PGF TI, RH, EC, CK, WB, EL, MG, and the most surprising, MC. I wrote like a paragraph for each, too, just because I actually had stuff to say. Makes me realize how much I’ve changed.

I got my own ghetto sheet of paper to call a yearbook, and I had guys asking to sign it! ASKING. Standing around waiting for someone else to finish it. TI even told me he would sign it later because 10 minutes wasn’t enough time! YAYYYYYYYY I have guy friends!

And we had a chem lab today, and we were joking around and having a blast with EL, MG, and CK.

Gotta love that.


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