The Trio

So I’ve got a weird way with friends, I guess.

Usually I form little inner groups. Like, we have our big friend group, but we carve up into random combinations and always hang out in those combinations. 

Like Friend MH and MB. We’ve got our little group going on. Which is funny because Friend MH isn’t even really in our friend group, and MB and I don’t have that many mutual friends. But somehow we always end up together.

We meet up like every break. It’s just a given. Like, if there’s a break, we know to call each other.

So we were just hanging out at MH’s, when I decided to redo her room. So we spend an hour or more moving her furniture around and throwing stuff out. Insta-makeover.

Then we ate. For like 2 hours. Then we started some friendship bracelets, gave up, and went to the mall.



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