As the sun goes down….

…school tomorrow. It doesn’t feel like it. It’s slightly strange…it doesn’t quite feel like summer, so it doesn’t feel like it’s ending. Honestly, I feel like I’m going to go back to Interlochen any time now.


Meanwhile, piano…

Ok. So Interlochen.

I’m obsessed with piano.

Not even joking. I have not hung out with anyone. I came back, people invited me over, and I said no. 

Because I wanted to practice piano.

What just happened?

I didn’t even realize it until two weeks went by and I had hung out one time. And that was technically a club meeting.

So. I want to be a Pedagogy major. You’ve gotta practice, right? Five hours a day isn’t overkill or anything.

Band Camp

Well, Band Camp is up and rolling. Actually, it’s almost done. I’ve been slightly slacking on these posts.

It’s been well. I’m section leader, and my (albeit small) section is responding really, really well! I couldn’t be happier. Except for the fact that I have a solo. That was a fun little tidbit that they decided to spring on me last week. Braces suck.

I’m no longer friends with JS, KM, or EMC (obviously, the last one). But I’ve been doing ok just sort of not going out of my way to talk to them. I eat dinner with friend TI and RM, and sometimes MG…all guys. I don’t really want to be that girl with all guy friends because none of the girls like her, but that’s sort of what’s happening.

But hey, I’m ok with guy friends. Just a summer ago, I was begging for guy friends. All good here.


I’ve just been chilling.

I’ve been texting random people and carrying on long conversations about whatever. 

I’ve decided that I’m always going to respond to a text. Even if it’s ‘haha ok’. I’ve just gotta respond to show them that I saw their text and cared enough to say something back. Because it annoys the heck out of me when people don’t respond.

But I’d rather feel annoyed than have someone else feel ignored.

…I’m different.

Really. I am.

I don’t feel the need to wear makeup. It’s really not bad. And if they don’t like me because of it, then why would I want to talk to them anyway? It’s almost a good thing. I get to weed out the people who don’t care.

I’ve gotten over this caring about what people think thing. I’m going to do whatever I’m going to do, and I’m going to stay true to my beliefs and morals and do what I think is right. I don’t care about social status or whatever crap. I don’t really care if my profile picture only got had as many likes as before; I’m not going to change it back. Because I honestly don’t care.

I wear whatever I want, even if it doesn’t fit the current fashion. I’m going to listen to classical music and tell people. Heck, I’m going to tell people I’m in band.

Social suicide? Maybe. But I couldn’t care less. Thanks, Interlochen. Life changing for sure.

Friend ML

I honestly don’t know how I didn’t see this coming. Reading through all my ‘IJournals’….um, it was obvious.

But here’s my defense.

Friend ML is nice to everyone. And he does random acts of kindness for everyone. And he sort of didn’t do that for me. Like, he wouldn’t hug me at random times although everyone else did.

But he came to my hut like every day (I didn’t really notice that until I read it) and he always ditched his friends to sit with me, and hang out with me. And everywhere I invited him, he always came, even if you could tell he didn’t want to.