IJournals: 10 (7/8)

Just had a private lesson with Dr. L. He helped me out with the Chinese piece. It was really insightful, actually, and he is just so friendly and easy to talk to. I wasn’t even nervous, I could just think and discuss. Also, he basically gave me a private concert. I’ve never been that close to such a high level pianist and had them play for me!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a magical moment I had this morning. I actually wrote about it in a letter to the person who gave me the scholarship. I had this ridiculous, stupid letter planned, so I threw that out and just wrote from the heart.

I wrote about how it was raining last night, and it was dark, and I sat in my practice hut and just listened, and it felt like I was the only bright spot in a land of darkness, except that I could hear beautiful music floating around me.

It was amazing.

I also got a letter from friend KW today. It was so amazing, just a warm, fuzzy feeling. It makes me realize who my real friends are, even though she’s not ‘cool’ or ‘popular’.


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