IJournals: 11 (7/9)

Start of week 3! It’s hard to believe that camp is almost half over. I’m dreading going home already.

It was just a regular day until the 2 hour master class, because of the guest master. I happened to see friend ML at the entrance of the chapel, and when we walked in it just made sense to sit together. So we did. And he drew me a unicorn. I woke him up when he fell asleep, like last time. (possible inside joke?)

After, we walked to dinner (he was walking ahead, and he dropped back to talk to me), and we ate together with all the pianists and it was tons of fun.

Then I went off to Festival Choir before I realized that it was Collage! So I walked around dragging friend MK with me as I participated in all the little kid activities with tons of enthusiasm.

Chilled out at the cabin and played flute and did laundry for the rest of the night.

Yup. Chill day ❤

Oh, also, composition is going well. The class is warming up to each other, and CL is actually talking and joking with me. Same with Columbian L.


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