IJournals: 12 (7/10)


Regular morning. Comp, struck up a conversation with CL again.

Private lesson went surprisingly great. She said I had a great start on the Brahms. And I know she’s being honest, because she’s brutally so. She even said that I was a natural with Mozart and that I was made for it. 

Studio went fine and i joked with friend ML.

Rushed to the Canoe trip with friend HW! 

PGF DG went, along with PGF MB. PGF MB actually asked me to accompany him for college auditions. It’s awkward.

My partner was HW. The trip took us to a lake that led to a river. It was beautiful and peaceful and amazing. The drive back was calmer than the way there. Just me and HW, talking. We pigged out and I put sun chips in my turkey sandwich.



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