IJournals: 14 (7/12)

My birthday!

I literally almost forgot. I’m kind of awkward when I’m the center of attention, so…yeah. I didn’t want anyone to know but apparently somehow they found out. I didn’t tell anyone outside the cabin, though, but friend AM went around yelling it. So a lot of strangers sang to me sporadically throughout the day.

I bought an awesome red hoodie at the sale.

Comp…we performed my score. It was bad. Just…bad. Oh well.

Practiced organ!  I dragged Friend ML and HL in with me. ML left, but HL stayed and read with me. And he said I was amazing at sight-reading.

Recital. Sat by friend ML. We both fell asleep. HAH.

I had this urge to run after dinner, So I did! the first time in like a month!

Then I came back, showered, ate cake at the beach and played apples to apples. We broke out into song and it was AMAZING. There was harmony and everyone was on pitch and we got all the parts of the song and I was so happy I could burst.

Only at Interlochen

Happy Sweet Sixteen to me. 🙂


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