IJournals: 4 (7/2)

Fun weekend, and this day marked the start of the 2nd week of camp!

OK. Weekend. Basically went: sleep in till 8 (big whoop), practice until 12:30, do something fun all afternoon. Like go to the lake. It’s a weak excuse for a beach. I tried to teach friend AM to swim and it took half an hour to get her in the water, where we splashed around until the lifeguard walks over to us and just goes “Um. You failed.” (the swimming test)  in this ridiculously sassy voice. HAH.

Nighttime is packed with WYSO, WYWS, and IP concerts. WYSO was amazing.

Today was class. Again, I’ve got the schedule down. Breakfast until 8. Practive 8-11 if I’ve got class, or 8-12 if not. Meet friend MK for lunch. We eat hilariously alone. Walk to Pedagogy, then comp. Comp is slightly awkward because this guy CL sort of possibly hates me. The teacher sniffs a lot.

Practice or get errands done until master/studio class, then dinner with whoever I’m with. Then either practice or other stuff like rec or choir or whatever; it varies.

Oh, and there’s drama. Not for me. It never is. Friend MK got official with this guy S, lasted a day, then broke up. Friend AM had 3 guys chasing her, until one told people that they were going out and she “wanted the D”. Yes, really.

Also, there was a mixer, and it was totally awkward. I just danced hilariously then played volleyball. Also I was in the 4th of July Parade. Even though it’s the 2nd of July.

Friend ML and I really are friends. We talked about how guys get guy-crushes too, and we talked for like an hour! I hope I don’t blow it. I really just want a really great guy friend.

Our cabin really is close, like a family. I’m loving it. I really get why I love music again. Sometimes you forget, ya know? But I was singing in the choir (I joined on a whim), and it was so magical. Brahms works wonders. And I was playing Mozart, and it just clicked.

Love it.



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