IJournals: 9 (7/7)

Sunday is like Saturday here. Such a weird schedule.

So friend RJ and I ‘did’ the Biathlon. The reason? I wanted to swim in the lake. Outside of the stupid little roped off area.

Then, at the start, we realize that you don’t actually get to swim in the lake. You swim in the rope off area. 30 laps. Around that tiny rectangle. 

So we ran the mile and plotted to drop out early, but ended up messing around in the water for like 10 minutes, then got out. 

Lunch was amazing. We had the best discussion on religion and politics. Pure interest, no yelling, and totally open. Diverse, too. Jews, Catholics, Baptist, Buddhist, and Atheist. The cafeteria closed, but we continued the discussion outside.

Off to practice, and my friend HW, who’s super into Bach, gave me a lesson for my Prelude and Fugue! Since I hate Bach, I want to understand him more so maybe I can get myself to bear it.

And this changed things. It’s so intricate and I’ve been playing it wrong! Bach is lyrical and when you put his pieces to a story, it just fits.

Then the co-rec. We painted rocks. I saw Friend DG and it was not awkward. I saw Friend ML, said hi, and showed him my rock. I was slightly hyper. He looked happy to see me, I think.

Dinner, then WYSO. Daniel and I sat outside Kresge and talked, and it was fun.


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