Interlochen Journals: 2 (6/24)

Well I’ve been here at Interlochen for almost two days! I got here….well, yesterday afternoon. But it feels like I’ve been here forever, and official classes haven’t even started yet!

So I was all nervous about mean girls. I mean, with 14 girls in one room and 2 toilets (!!!)…It could have been awful. But when I got here, it was the friendliest group! Like it was like we were already best friends. I love pretty much everyone I’ve met.

On the piano side, though, it’s not that great. 1st thing I realized was how much more everyone practices, how hard their pieces are, and their dedication. Like, these people are ring for Oberlin and Eastman. And my friend casually talks about the three Beethoven sonatas (all movements), six Chopin etudes, and random pieces she’s playing. I’m definitely one of the worst. I totally screwed up the audition, too.

The uniforms are horrible. 

The boys are ok. They’re super friendly. *Ahem, composition guy.

So nervous for tomorrow. Classes!

Oh yeah. Just a quick run through, the first day was so long, I felt like crap, and I didn’t know how I would survive. Today was better. Way less jet-lagged.



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