Interlochen Journals: 3 (6/28)

I’ve got the pattern down here. I get up, capers, breakfast, then practice for 4 hours or so. It goes by so fast because I actually have things to practice! Back home, I struggled to sit for 20 minutes.

Lunch, then Pedagogy, then composition. More practice, then a Master class, dinner, practice, open rec, then sleep. 

I’m making tons of friends. People here are so open. PGF ML, PGF DG, PGF JW…like, these people are your best friends right off the bat.

My private teacher is crazy She never stops smiling, but I feel like she’s going to scream at me. I’m terrible. She’s given me waaaaay too much to work on.

Rec is fun. The guys follow us around. It’s hilarious.

This place is so great.


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