IJournal: 17 (7/15)

Break day Monday. Another unproductive day, though this one was way more eventful.

Practiced all morning until 11:30-ish, when I grabbed a bit at stone before the Cabin headed to Bud’s for a co-rec. It was a fun walk, and I had a legit conversation about our lives back home with two guys with the same name. Huh.

Came back and died. It was crazy hot and humid, so we would just plop down in front of the fan and yell crazy things into it (it altered our voices).

We all went on a picture scavenger hunt. Rushed back to meet Friend ML to go kayaking, which was pretty fun. We kayaked out and made a raft (against the rules!) and just mellowed in the sun. We headed back for dinner.

He showed up after everyone was done and sat next to me, like always. We talked a while, until I headed back to HSG for laundry.

The mixer.

I didn’t want to dance, so I sat on the bench (it was at the Bowl) and talked to whoever sat down. I was never alone, so that was good.

Friend DG came and went, and we never had an actual meaningful conversation. Just casual banter. Some people are just like that.

Then friend ML came.

 Then news came that some guy had poured water down friend AM’s back and said “from [guy she dated then broke up with].” Ugh. I literally almost got up and went ape shit on him, and the only reason I didn’t was because friend ML literally stepped on my feet and calmed me down.

We sat and talked for the rest of the night. Like 2 hours. We actually talked. He told me about crap in his life and depression and losing friends, and crappy exes, and suicidal thoughts, and I did too.

We hugged it out and I swore to cut off his 5 senses if he told, and he swore to cut off my thumbs if I told. HAH.

Really, this meant we really are friends, but nothing more. Really, really good friends. I’d trust him with anything. I ‘d trust him with my life.

And that was my night.


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