IJournals: 18 (7/16)

Week 4! More than half-way done.

After the deep conversation with ML, we said hi. Although we did go out of our way to say hi.

Practiced, then went to get an extra lesson with my super-Bach teacher, but he forgot! So I got roped into an Ensemble class because I happened to be in the hallway.

Apparently I’m going to perform with them for an 8-hand piece. I don’t know what just happened.

Lunch with friend JW, then Pedagogy and comp. 

Sweat my ass off practicing from 3-4, then master class (I walked with MR), sat with JW, and ML sat a few seats down. Though he did sit with us at dinner.

We all went to the Library to beat the heat. I was planning to actually go practice, but really we just sat in a room and watched Youtube videos and memorized Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics for three hours with some piano majors.

So, today I got closer with friends JW, ML, MR, CG, and AW.

Practiced, then walked back with MR and CG.

Lots of new people.


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