IJournals: 23 (7/21)

Amazingly unproductive day!

I got up waaaay before anyone else to get in some extra practice. I found friend DG and JW to sit with. I walked to the s-huts, practiced for about an hour, then walked into friend JW’s hut. This guy SH trips over a stick and I realized it was amazing. So I beat metronome for JW with it. For like an hour.

I finally got off my lazy butt to go practice, but then I see frikin’ SH practicing. Except he has perfect pitch. I could not miss the opportunity to blow up any remnants of self-esteem left, so I sat there for hours requesting pieces for him to play by ear. Like La Campanella, Un Sospiro, and a reduction of the Brahms Symphony No. 2. No biggie.

Oh and when asked about the Chopin etudes….yeah, he played Ocean when he as 10. I played Fur Elise when I was 10. Kill. Me.

Lunch, and Friend ML joined us. I got to know friend SH a little more, because I’ve always been intimidated by him. But he’s actually very nice and talkative, and he listens to normal music like Coldplay and OneRepublic. Actually, he knows all the lyrics to all their songs, if that says anything.

I sang Bohemian Rhapsody with Friend JW. Friend ML just stared at us. Friend AW sat deliberately next to me at lunch.

I went with friend ML to his hut and hung out, like he always does for me. I drew a polar bear, and friend ML promptly showed me everything wrong with my drawing. Then we went to Bible study, which was….relevant. Made me think. I’ll write about religion later.

IP concert. Credo made me cry in a bad way. Sobbed. Really. Onto friend ML’s shoulder, who somehow still managed to fall asleep to horribly dissonant chords at fortississississimo. Modern music.

Back to division and polished my stick. They kicked me out because apparently it’s too messy to polish a stick, but Friend ML joined me outside. We played cards, and this guy TK came. He just looked at me like crazy, which I don’t blame him for, because….well, I was just polishing a random stick. I make great first impressions.

Friend TK ended up eating with us, and I got his number because he actually visits my area frequently. Crazy, I know. He’s chill and I love it.

It was a good dinner. Lots of joking and laughing. We talked with Friend TK for a while, then went to Bud’s with the cabin. Bohemian Rhapsody. yeah.

WYSO concert…hmmm. They played Shosta 5. I fell asleep to the first movement, the 2nd woke me up, the 3rd had me teary eyed, and the 4th had me bawling with emotion. It was beautiful.


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