IJournals: 25 (7/23)

OH. MY. GOD. I had another perfect day. What is this. For the record, that is the 3rd day in a row.

There was a thunder and lightening storm last night that literally shook the cabin. And the first alarm went off 4 times. I actually, somehow, slept through all this.

However, I also hung my clothes out to dry that night. So that was hilarious, though not at the time.

I also woke up to a wonderful surprise from Aunt Flow. And very wet, bloody surprise, that soaked through a super tampon and a super pad. How does that even happen?!?!

So the day started out crappy.It stayed crappy until master class. I sat on the floor. I also was loopy and emotional from my period. So I went around hugging everyone. Multiple times.

I read in the library. I saw friend ML, but not for long. We guilted each other into practicing and I let him have my normal hut. So not much friend ML time.

I couldn’t focus, so I sight read a Chopin Nocturne until friend AM and her latest guy came. They invaded my hut and I was drawn out to the pianists.

We sat around an sang and gave hugs and talked about period (yes, with the guys) (no judging, I was delirious) and kicking rocks and just having so much freaking fun.

I got to know friend SH and everyone else. MR and AW kept coming back for quite a few hugs…I really hope there’s nothing there. I seem to attract awkward guys. Hah.

But really, it was a perfect and amazing night.


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