IJournals: 26 (7/24)

Actually got stuff done on my Moskowski Etude!

‘Rehearsed’ our 8-hand piece, then everyone went to lunch except friend ML and I. He taught me to play be ear and figure out chords to pop songs. He was fun in a calm way. I told him how amazing he was. Because he is.

Lunch with the pianists. We are like a family. The Piano Family. They all came and sat next to me, instead of me joining them.

Pedagogy. We had a college Q & A session. I’m seriously thinking of a music major. It’s competitive, though, and I don’t know if I’m good enough.

Book sale! I was sitting there with all the great book with friend ML, when I realize that I’M FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE FOR MY PRIVATE LESSON, so I drop everything and run out of there.

It actually went ok. She said I was ready for masterclass. Unfortunately, that probably means I’m going to play at the next masterclass.

Ate dinner with friend ML’s other friends. They were slightly strange, but I’m trying to be more like friend ML and not judge by appearances.

Went to the library because friend ML put my books on hold for me. I went crazy at the book sale again, but friend AW helped me filter out more than half, which still left me with like 5. Friend ML attempted to throw out another one, but I grabbed it back and ended up buying all of them. I’m nerdy, I know.

I played cards for a half hour-ish with friend AW and TK (he was sitting there all alone so I invited him) and friend EK. Then practiced.

I think AW, MR, and TK all have crushes on me. Again, I don’t understand what’s with me and awkward guys.


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