IJournals: 28 (7/26)

Went to the Bach Seminar again. Then practiced 8-hand, because, surprise! The teacher found another copy. It sounds like crap. We are performing on Thursday.

After, Friend ML came to my hut (like usual) and we just hung out. He would occasionally snort at how frustrated I was with my piece. Whatta great friend. I told him that I’d find him a girl, though. He deserves one, I mean, he’s so kind and such a good person.

Lunch was hilariously strange. I ate with the pianists, and friend JW and I dipped our tater tots in chocolate pudding in exchange for unlimited hugs from each other.

Performed our pieces in composition. It was…interesting. Bad.

The recital was boring, but I sat by friend MR, which is new.

I practiced after dinner.  Friend SH walked me to my hut under his umbrella because it was pouring. We gave each other hearts. I love that guy.

I got soaked, though, when I went to support my friend at her recital.

I hit up the library on the way to friend SM’s operetta, and friend JW came just for the heck of it.


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