IJournals: 29 (7/27)

Nothing really happened this morning. We rehearsed the 8-hand until we keyboard smashed our heads to death and gave up. I went to seminar because friend MR pulled me with him.

Friend ML sat in my hut again, and then mailed my letter to friend ERC! He’s a freaking amazing person who I wish I was more like.

And the studio class…. I played. I was kind of nervous, for some reason.

The piano table was full at dinner, but friend ML and JW sat with me because they refused to ditch me. I made friend JW a sandwich and ate everyone’s lasagna.

Friend ML and I hung out with the pianists at the s-huts, then went to the singer-songwriter concert. We sat in the back and lay our heads against the wall and laughed at the ceiling at how terrible they were.

Then we went to WYWS and died of laughter because we thought they skipped a movement. But turns out they didn’t. It was still hilarious. I also convinced him that the bassist was the hottest thing alive. It’s a strange relationship that we have.

Friend SH gave me the world’s best hug. Friend ML gave me the world’s most awkward hug. Then I dragged friend ML back to division to tie-dye t shirt with our cabin, but he got kicked out because it was too late.

We ate cake (ripped into it, like true ladies) and hugged and tie-dyed and went crazy from the sugar. I love them and we love each other and I’m going to miss everyone like crazy.


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