IJournals: 30 (7/28)

Today was eventful.

Participated in the color run this morning with friend KD.

Practiced 8-hand, and friend ML joined me again. I practiced the piece that I’m not playing for the master class. Because…I don’t really know. I didn’t feel like it. Of course, friend ML, who tried to get me to do what’s good for me, tries to force me to practice the right piece, but nope.

Had lunch with pianists, and we all exchanged numbers.

Practiced a bit more with friend ML in my hut, until Bible study. I leader didn’t show, so we just had our own.  It hit home, I guess. I still don’t know where I am spiritually.

IP concert, then practiced more. Swing dancing with Friend ML and then DB. Fun and hilarious. Friend ML was all mad for ‘ditching him’, but I really didn’t!

After, before dinner, we all just hugged and it was great. I saw friend TK and just hugged him randomly, too. We’re texting now.

Practiced more after dinner, then went to the WYSO concert. I fell asleep on friend EK. Friend EK, ML, and I eventually just left because it was freezing and miserable and the concert was surprising terrible. We walked around in the cold and played cards in an s-hut and had deep conversations. Then we walked friend ML to HSB and had a super deep conversation about life of the way back.


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