IJournals: 32 (7/29)

Messed around all morning, and lunch…and afternoon. Friend ML and I listened to pop music and played by ear, until friend SH came and blew us out of the water by instantly playing a piece we had been going at for an hour.

Mardy Graw was fun. I was hyper, and I got all the pianists to go on the little kid jumpy. I was literally running around finding my friends and dragging them into the jumpy. They had fun, even if they said it was embarrassing.

The mixer was pretty fun.  I played ultimate Frisbee the entire time (or tried to) with the pianists and friend TK.  Friend ML and I never got to swing dance, though.

The night kind of sucked at the end. I sprained my toe, and so I went to get that fixed. I got back, and my counselor wouldn’t let me shower. I haven’t showered for two days. And I didn’t even get to change clothes. This was even more ridiculous because the ‘Chinese Fire Drill’ is going on right now and everyone is running around, outside, start naked. So, apparently, they can do that, but showering after 10 is prohibited. WTF? So here I am, inside, alone, because I sprained my toe.

And apparently friend TK likes me. Like, likes, me. Which is sort of flattering, except that I was trying really hard to friendzone everyone.

I’m in such a pissy mood, it’s crazy.


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