IJournals: 33 (7/30)


A horrible day turned good.

I woke up in a sucky mood (hello, this is 3-days with no shower, slept in dirty clothes that I sweat in, teeth not brushed, painful toe…) and the morning just sucked.

Ensemble sucked.

Then I went to see the doctor, who referred me to a clinic in the city. So there I go to the city to take a 2 second x-ray that basically told me that it was not broken, but sprained. No duh.

So I missed 3 classes and got back at 3:30, giving me half an hour to practice for my master class.

I was so nervous I was basically hyperventilating. I just walked in and squeezed friend ML to death and almost fainted. I basically died when they called me up.

But it actually went really well! I didn’t forget anything, and when the instructor walked up there, I was responsive and stuff.  I think people thought I was cute and small, because they chuckled at everything I said. It helped ease the nerves, knowing that people were rooting for me. When I sat down, everyone said I did a great job.

I was in such a good mood after that.

Dinner, and friend SH said I did a great job and gave me a dorky friend SH thumbs up. Made my day J

S-hut to practice (with some headstands and cartwheels mixed in). Friend ML joined me again, and we all walked together to the shed for a concert for friend MK, HW, SH and CG, and BC.

Hugs all around.

Hung out on main camp taking unflattering photos with spoons and mooched ice cream. Hyper and high off of life.


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