IJournals: 34 (7/31)

My day started out fine. I practiced, I talked with friend JW and AW, and I went to lunch and I imitated everyone’s typical positions.

I practically fell asleep in class again.

My private lesson was ok. She gave me a list of repertoire to work on. It’s really hard stuff, and I can’t believe she think I can pull it off.

Although she did tell me that she chose me for an honor award, which is cool, because the other pianists and really good, and for some reason she chose me.

Scale Olympics. I won fastest scale, and our team won overall with a whopping 13/24 correct. It’s pitiful.

Dinner, 8-hand, percussion recital, faculty concert. All in one night.


So friend ML is acting weird and distant. I don’t know why, honestly. 8-hand was just frustrating and put me in a pissy mood.

I think part of it is that we know that our time is limited. Friend MR and I had this really reflective conversation about how close we all are, and what an anomaly this group is. I mean, 40 people, all into piano. 2,000 people, all into classical music. That doesn’t happen just anywhere.


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