IJournals: 35 (8/1)

Camp is winding down, and everyone is feeling it.

We practiced 8-hand. Then I visited friend JW’s hut, where I decided right there that I was going to learn his piece. It’s beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

So I did that.

Then I walked to ensemble with friend ML, where the teacher told us that we were good. What?!

Then the last accompanying class. The teacher is such a nice guy.

Lunch with piano family. I’ve gotten to know them all so well, just….ugh. It’s amazing, but at the same time, it sucks. Because I know that I’m going to miss them all so desperately.

S-huts to ‘practice’, but we really just sat around and talked about how much we loved each other.

Then the ensemble concert…

It was bad for several reasons. One, we went after friend SH and CG. The best two people in the entire program. Why the organizer madeus the grand finale, I don’t know. Two, our bow was unfortunate and awkward. At least it got the audience laughing. Three, we sat at the wrong pianos. We had to awkward switch. Four, the tempo started out crazy. And five, with all the things above, I was a bomb just waiting screw up. That came when my partner missed the jump to the coda and I lost it. I laughed. My attempts to suppress it turned into a loud snort. And the grand finale came when I cracked up and spit all over the 9-foot Steinway, on stage, not a measure before the end of the piece. And the final bow was just me trying not to burst out in giggles or snort again. I made it back to the seat and just fell apart laughing. I lay down in the row and died. Everyone crowded around me in confusion and it was so embarrassing…

We ate dinner outside, and I ran to catch the vocal concert.

Played cards. I walked out to practice, stood there, then just turned around and went back to play cards. They laughed at me.

Friend ML and I eventually made it to the s-huts, though. And that was it. I sat down with my newfound piece……and friend ML came back. That was the end to anything productive that night.

We walked back to division after turning off all the light and picking up all the trash. Ugh. His pure goodness is rubbing off on me.


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