IJournals: 36 (8/1)

So the master class. It went great! And so many people have told me so.

But the best was friend HL.

I don’t know HL very well. We smile and say hi, but that’s it. So when he walked into my s-hut, I was pretty surprised.

But he just says “I just wanted to say that you were amazing at the master class, and it was so musical and you made no mistakes, and it’s crazy that you learned it in such a short time. You were inspiring, so don’t ever stop playing piano.”

I was just in shock, but then I was so happy, and we hugged super tight. It was just a small gesture, but it was such a wonderful feeling, and I needed it.

It made my day, and possibly the entire thing worth it.

I’m going to spread the love. ❤


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