…I’m different.

Really. I am.

I don’t feel the need to wear makeup. It’s really not bad. And if they don’t like me because of it, then why would I want to talk to them anyway? It’s almost a good thing. I get to weed out the people who don’t care.

I’ve gotten over this caring about what people think thing. I’m going to do whatever I’m going to do, and I’m going to stay true to my beliefs and morals and do what I think is right. I don’t care about social status or whatever crap. I don’t really care if my profile picture only got had as many likes as before; I’m not going to change it back. Because I honestly don’t care.

I wear whatever I want, even if it doesn’t fit the current fashion. I’m going to listen to classical music and tell people. Heck, I’m going to tell people I’m in band.

Social suicide? Maybe. But I couldn’t care less. Thanks, Interlochen. Life changing for sure.


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