Band Camp

Well, Band Camp is up and rolling. Actually, it’s almost done. I’ve been slightly slacking on these posts.

It’s been well. I’m section leader, and my (albeit small) section is responding really, really well! I couldn’t be happier. Except for the fact that I have a solo. That was a fun little tidbit that they decided to spring on me last week. Braces suck.

I’m no longer friends with JS, KM, or EMC (obviously, the last one). But I’ve been doing ok just sort of not going out of my way to talk to them. I eat dinner with friend TI and RM, and sometimes MG…all guys. I don’t really want to be that girl with all guy friends because none of the girls like her, but that’s sort of what’s happening.

But hey, I’m ok with guy friends. Just a summer ago, I was begging for guy friends. All good here.


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