IJournals: 40 (8/5)

Yesterday was the last full day. The cabin went to Bud’s for breakfast, and we ran straight to the awards ceremony where I got a Fine Arts Award! Then I packed. Friend MK was already crying, and I wasn’t, but when I hit the cabin and saw all the suitcases and everyone packing, I tearedContinue reading “IJournals: 40 (8/5)”

IJournals: 39 (8/3)

Today was amazing and emotional and crazy. I obviously didn’t practice. We sat in the library and watched Mulan. My accompanying class got Mofro. I know the teacher was trying to be nice, but I really just wanted to spend time with the piano family before everyone leaves. I had lunch with them, then wentContinue reading “IJournals: 39 (8/3)”

IJournals: 38 (8/2)

I love friend SH. Really. I saw him in line for dinner, and he just held out his hands for a hug because he didn’t like how his Beethoven Sonata went at the recital. SH. Perfect people screw up, too. Then, later, he saw friend ML and I. We both just raced to hug himContinue reading “IJournals: 38 (8/2)”

IJournals: 37 (8/2)

Today was sad. I practiced. Then I hung out and had friend JW, J, and JR teach me to improvise on the blues scale. Then I ran to a class because it was pouring. We were taking pictures and saying goodbye because Friend EK is leaving tomorrow. Lunch with the pianist. It was bittersweet. IContinue reading “IJournals: 37 (8/2)”

IJournals: 36 (8/1)

So the master class. It went great! And so many people have told me so. But the best was friend HL. I don’t know HL very well. We smile and say hi, but that’s it. So when he walked into my s-hut, I was pretty surprised. But he just says “I just wanted to sayContinue reading “IJournals: 36 (8/1)”

IJournals: 35 (8/1)

Camp is winding down, and everyone is feeling it. We practiced 8-hand. Then I visited friend JW’s hut, where I decided right there that I was going to learn his piece. It’s beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. So I did that. Then I walked to ensemble with friend ML, where the teacher told us that we were good.Continue reading “IJournals: 35 (8/1)”

IJournals: 34 (7/31)

My day started out fine. I practiced, I talked with friend JW and AW, and I went to lunch and I imitated everyone’s typical positions. I practically fell asleep in class again. My private lesson was ok. She gave me a list of repertoire to work on. It’s really hard stuff, and I can’t believeContinue reading “IJournals: 34 (7/31)”

IJournals: 33 (7/30)

Ahhh. A horrible day turned good. I woke up in a sucky mood (hello, this is 3-days with no shower, slept in dirty clothes that I sweat in, teeth not brushed, painful toe…) and the morning just sucked. Ensemble sucked. Then I went to see the doctor, who referred me to a clinic in theContinue reading “IJournals: 33 (7/30)”

IJournals: 32 (7/29)

Messed around all morning, and lunch…and afternoon. Friend ML and I listened to pop music and played by ear, until friend SH came and blew us out of the water by instantly playing a piece we had been going at for an hour. Mardy Graw was fun. I was hyper, and I got all theContinue reading “IJournals: 32 (7/29)”